National organization of persons with disabilities of Serbia is the Union of organizations of the persons with individual types of disabilities, the organizations of legal advocates of persons with disabilities and the interest organizations gathering persons with different types of disabilities organized for the territory of the Republic of Serbia. It was established on June 22nd 2007 as the organization of special social interest with the legal status. It represents the united movement of persons with disabilities of Serbia, speaking in the name of most persons with disabilities, implying the most important political strength in advocating their common interests and needs.

Our mission is increasing inclusion of persons with disabilities in society, full respect of human rights and non-discrimination based on disability, through partnership of the unique disability movement and the republic in passing and applying the disability Laws and other documents, in compliance with the international standards and documents.

The goals of National organization of persons with disabilities of Serbia:

1.    Common advocating of the interests of persons with disabilities in Serbia
2.    Protection and promotion of basic human rights
3.    Struggle against prejudice and discrimination based on disability and full participation, equality and social inclusion
4.    Acceptance of international and European disability standards, principles and documents  and their application in Serbia
5.    Advancing the status of persons with disabilities, including the application of National disability strategy and policy and the reform of national laws
6.    Developing the cooperation and participation in the international disability movement
7.    Empowering the cooperation among the organizations – members of the National organization and the support to their individual capacities development


-    President: Milan Stosic, mobile: +381 65 252 53 01
-    Vice – President: Svetlana Vlahovic, mobile: +381 64 312 34 91 and Mihailo Pajevic, mobile: +381 64 1499 837
-    Executive Director: Ivanka Jovanovic, mobile: +381 63 55 22 99

Full members of National organization:

1. Deaf union of Serbia (130.000 membrs)

2. Union of the blind of Serbia (12.000 members)

3. Muscular distrophy association of Serbia (1.700 members)

4. Associaton of paraplegics and quadriplegics of Serbia (1.300 members)

5. Union of associatons for assistance to persons with intellectual disabilities
   (92.000 members and their familly members)

6. Association of labor disabled workers of Serbia (450.000 members)

7. Association of cerebral paralysis and polio of Serbia (4.000 members)

8. Multiplecs sclerosis association of Serbia (5.000 members)

9. Association for assistance to persons with autism of Serbia
   (4.000 members and their familly members)

10. Association for assistance to persons with Down sindrom (1.000 members)

11. Center for independent living Serbia (cross-disability organization)

Associate members of NOOIS:

12. RETT (100 members)

13. Union of associations of  kidney patients of Serbia ()

14. Union of association of  persons with amputate and limbs (1.000 members) 

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